There is no sutch thing as only stacked dogs with purfect expression and angels always !
There is playing, bathing, cuddeling,sleeping, living, and being a dog too!
Here you can have a peak in our every day dog life in our family... Enjoy! We do!!



Ett kvällsdopp

Ett kvällsdopp

Morgon mys med barnen

Mamma Olga med döttrarna Femman & Greta våren2012

Chess med barnbarnet Femman ...

Azza spring feeling 2011

Azza and Troja spring feelings 2011

Azza and Vegas

Vegas and Miko in the living room 2011

Jenny and her brother Enzo from our C-litter.

Enzo the boy with a most powerfull and adorable head! On pic 3 years old.

Olga and Flora takes a napp staffie style! :)

Our son playing with our I-litter.

The puppies having fun in our living room.

Our old lady Troja says hello to Greta 7weeks old.

Our youngest son with Femman 7weeks old in the garden spring 2011.

Wehooo! Off they go! Having a great time winter 2009

Love snow!

Flora almost 1 years old in ower back yard

Flora and Jenny in ower backyard olaying catch...

Flora and my son watch Tv... had to take a pic. :)

Joddricks Matchless Anannya 4 years old.

Feeding time!! Give me, give me!

Patiance training every day....

Neo and Meya summer 2010

Neo and Meya summer 2010

Joddricks Bighearted Cindambar "2pack"

CH Vegas 4 years old,playing with his mum Troja 10years old.

CH Vegas 4 years old,playing with his mum Troja 10years old.

CH Vegas 4 years old,playing with his mum Troja 10years old.

CH Vegas 4 years old,playing with his mum Troja 10years old, but still a fast runner.....hehehe

CH Vegas and Troja playing Azza tries to interact in the play, Spring feelings 2011!

Our youngest son with Troja, Vegas and Aza 2011

Ch Joddricks Supreme Anish

Ch Joddricks Supreme Anish

WWV-2010 Steffex First Place"Troja" on a traning day in obediance.

Troja picing up the correct stick in obediance class 2.

Me and Troja 2005 showing some obediance fore the lokal people in Henån on the dogs day for the Orust dogclubb.

Troja in action Agility practice / 2006

WWV-2010 Steffex First Place " Troja" 10 years old.

Marie Larsson with her beloved bitch "Asta" Joddricks Lustre Abha 2010. Asta was the first stafford in Swedish history to become a nercary dog. Asta gain her  "service dog" titel with a great score on her exam day.
Asta is out of Steffex First Place. Go Marie and Asta!

Sleeping beauty "Diva" after a napp in our back yard summer 2010.

Diva my precious! 2010

Joddricks Afrodite 2009

Joddricks Atractive Charu "Mira" Export Norway

Joddricks Matchless Ananya " Kita" 2009