Our Breeding goals


Is to breed helthy all purpose Staffordshirebullterriers,
That fits the breedingstandard.

Only to youse helth checked dogs in our breeding program.
Checked for:
Eyse /Phpv
Mental tested if they live in sweden! 
(We can make exceptions in some health tests if we need to use  lines abroad, who can bring  something valuable to our stock.)


  How we plan to achive our goals :

First of all we helth test our own staffords.
By being most selectiv in our choice in ower breeding program.

By NOT overproduse ower dogs!
All ower dogs are beloved pets as first concern, ALWAYS !

We ceep our stock in exellent condition and give them a rich dog life with activites,  we give them love and care as family members and obviously we feed them with top quality food only!
Always ceep them updated on vaccinations! 
We don`t use dogs with generel demodex in ower breeding program even if they cured later in life.
( A treated dog for demodex is the same as generell Demodex to us )

We don`t breed on atopic dogs ore dogs that have atopic sighns.
We take skin problems most seriously in our breeding.

*All our puppies are sold with included helth check for Hipp/Elbow if they stay in Sweden!
We hope to improve our own stock as our statistik hopefully will tell its own posetiv story in the future...

We believe in quality !
We hope as our goal clearly say, to make a diffrent in the future!

*The helth test is to be done between 12-18 month of age if the cost will be on our charge.
All the helth test surveys is voluntary!
We just want to encourage and contribute to gain our statistics.
We follow the FCI and Swedish kennel Clubb rules!


Delägare/ Fodervärd sökes för den seriöse & kräsne!
Bor du inom ca10 mils radie från kungälv och kan erbjuda en hund livskvalitè?!
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