About me and my family

Photo above: Laila Ström

Mail: Info@Joddricks.se

Phone: 0046 303 225254


My name is Laila Ström and I live in Lycke with my partner, our 2 sons, 
6 staffords and 1 cat. We live in a house nearby the sea on the westcoast located near Marsstrand in Kungälv/ Bohuslän -Sweden

The dogs are treated like  family members and live with us inside the house, on the sofa and in the bed! They are almost always with me where ever I go.
They are my true companions!

I've got my first dog when I was 9 years old, a Golden Retriever.
After that I have had some more dogs.
It has been mostly "working mix dogs" like
Labrador Retriever/Border Collie, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Aussie and German Shephard as I`ve always been an active person with extra passion for obediance, tracking and long power walks, the above breeds has been great!

My first Staffordshire Bull Terrier come to me during the spring year 2001.
Steffex First Place "Troja", a bitch with a great personality,
strong energy and a lot of own will.

Since then there is only one breed for me:
The Staffordshire Bull terrier!