About me and my family

Photo above: Laila Ström

Mail: Info@Joddricks.se

Phone: 0046 303 225254


My name is Laila Ström and I live in Lycke with my partner, our 2 teenaged sons ower 6 staffords and 1 cat.
We live in a house 600meters from the sea on the westcoast located, near Marsstrand in Kungälv/ Bohuslän -Sweden

The dogs are treated like  family members and live with us inside the house, on the sofa and in the bed! They are almost always with me/ us where ever we go,as it`s a life stile we have choosen to have, an active outdoor lifestile with a work that combine ower dog interset and they can be with us.
They are ower true companions!

I've got my first dog when I was 9 years old, a Golden Retriever.
After that I have had a few other breeds.
It has been mostly "working mix dogs" like
Labrador Retriever/Border Collie, Rhodesian Ridgeback, Aussie and German Shephard as I`ve always been an active person with extra passion for obediance, tracking and long power walks, the above breeds has been great!

My first Staffordshire Bull Terrier come to me during the spring year 2001.
Steffex First Place "Troja", a bitch with a great personality,
strong energy and a lot of own will.

Since then there has only been *ONE* breed for me:
The Staffordshire Bull terrier!

 And since 2002 I found my way in to the show ring where I`ve Stayed with great succsess ever since...
I´ve owned and handled 16 Staffordshirebullterriers to their well deserved CHAMPION TITELS!
I have owned / breed and handled sbts to:
 1x CRUFT BOB - 2019
1X CRUFT R-BOB - 2020
3X World winner titels ( 2010, 2011, 2018)
1x 4th Best terrier Sweden 2020
2x International Champions
3x Nord Champions
2x Swedish winners
1x KBH winner
2 x European titels
1 x BIS 1 breed special Gränna - 2018
1x BIS 1 breed special Norway -2022
Multi Group placemnet all breed shows since - 2009
Multi BIS placements terrier shows since -2015
We have placed our dog every year in Gränna since 2010!! Entries about 250-400 every year and is always judged by breed specialist!

Above tells its own story about how others tink we have interpreted the breed standard and what our work with the breed.