Here you can see how a Mh is done by pics...

  • Dexter3.jpg

    Contact and availavillity...
    No problem! Dxter says

  • Dexter4.jpg

    Wehoo a toy!

  • Dexter6.jpg

    Give me that toy!! I`ll never drop it!

  • Dexter59.jpg

    - Give me! Give me!!

  • Dexter5.jpg

    I got it!!

  • Dexter7.jpg

    Hunting interest - None

  • Dexter1.jpg

    The distance threat and play invite on....

  • Dexter2.jpg

    Invites to play...

  • Dexter10.jpg

    Dexter see the figurant

  • Dexter003.jpg

    The figyrant invites again

  • Dexter16.jpg

    Dexter  run as soon as he lets of leash, is active in the play

  • Dexter17.jpg

    When figurant is passive, Dexter whant to show his owner the toy

  • Dexter13.jpg

    Look  what  got mum!

  • Dexter14.jpg

    The figurant starts to play again... Dexter see him and of he go again to play with the figurant...

  • Dexter15.jpg

    -Is it the toy you whant? Dexter ask the figurant.

  • Dexter11.jpg

    Yes! They play great again.

  • Dexter12.jpg

    When the figurant are passive again, Dexter runs back to his owner once again.

  • Dexter18.jpg

    Wehoo! Here I come mum with the toy,I got it! Look, look!! And  the act is over.

  • Dexter8.jpg

    The passive minutes... The owner does nothing and are not alowed to look at ore speak to the dog.

  • Dexter9.jpg

    Dexter think it`s all fine and starts to show his breeds influence from the cow...smelling the grass and eat some new spring grass... life is great he thinks!

  • Dexter19.jpg

    The surprise act!

  • Dexter20.jpg

    Upp from nowhere the overall goes... In a sec the treat is there... dexter stopps

  • Dexter21.jpg

    And looks at the overal

  • Dexter22.jpg

    Thinking about the situation...What is that!!!

  • Dexter23.jpg

    He is not shure... And thinks about it for a couple of secunds....

  • Dexter24.jpg

    Before he desides to go around it and tryes to get a good smell of this strange object by the wind....

  • Dexter25.jpg

    He tryes the other side as the wind is in our back....

  • Dexter26.jpg

    He thinks it over once again...

  • Dexter27.jpg

    Once he got the overal in his nose he is wagging his tail, and when his owner goes to the overal he follows...

  • Dexter29.jpg

    No problem it is almost an human... wehoo!

  • Dexter28.jpg

    Strange objekt...but once he have had a smell on it... he let it go...

  • Dexter31.jpg

    No hard fealings left when passing the overal once.

  • Dexter30.jpg


  • Dexter32.jpg

    The noise

  • Dexter33.jpg

    Ahh! What is that?

  • Dexter34.jpg

    He looks at the noise.

  • Dexter35.jpg

    Thinks it over a split of a sec and...

  • Dexter36.jpg

    Goes to find out on his own..

  • Dexter37.jpg

    It was nothing...

  • Dexter38.jpg

    And the passing twice was nothing...

  • Dexter39.jpg

    The treat, the ghosts...

  • Dexter40.jpg

    What the h-l is that?!

  • Dexter41.jpg

    As they come closer, Dexter ceep the distans...

  • Dexter43.jpg

    Ceeps the distanse and barks a few time... feeling insecure about them.

  • Dexter42.jpg
  • Dexter44.jpg

    In the same time as the ghosts turn around... Dexter decides to...

  • Dexter45.jpg

    To have a look fore him self, on his own...

  • Dexter46.jpg

    He goes out on the side to get them in his nose.... Aaaaaah! pepole!

  • Dexter47.jpg

    Wehoo! Once he got them in the wind, he startes to wagg his tail and check them out on his own, with out any suport from his owner...

  • Dexter48.jpg

    And the other one... wehoo! Hellu! Why do you look so funny?

  • Dexter49.jpg

    His owner is still on the same spot..standing still and quiet not alowed to do anything yet.

  • Dexter50.jpg

    Mommy! It is people!

  • Dexter51.jpg

    They go and check out the ghosts togethur this time..

  • Dexter52.jpg

    What is under that mask?

  • Dexter54.jpg

    Ohhh! Dexter you new it!

    -A person mum it is a person! wehoo

  • Dexter53.jpg

    This mommy! This one! Dexter try to say...

    come and check this funny one also!

  • Dexter55.jpg

    They go and ceck out the second ghost aswell..

  • Dexter56.jpg

    Wehoo one more!! This was funny... Dexter thought.

  • Dexter57.jpg

    The availabillity after....

  • Dexter60.jpg

    Wehooo! This Dexter remebers.. -Give that toy!

  • Dexter58.jpg

    The test leder gives that toy to Emma and she plays with Dexter on the first part of shooting.

  • Dexter collage mhskott.jpg

    The hole shooting act... He don`t stop play while 2 shoots are fired... and after 2 shoots when passive... well he here the shoot biut that`s it!

    Dexter passed the mhenatlity test as a prof of exellent model staffordshirebullterrier!